Shab is from la Haute-Savoie

On the end of his 23s, (born in 1996) he’s the youngest artistin the 2020 collective…
On the way back from a humanitarian trip in Brazil where something clicked he became a street artist. He picked up painting, often in a large format, and outside, ameans of expression that gives an adrenaline rush and that he loves.

He creates a colourful, geometrical world, filledwith disproportionate characters with minimalistic faces.By their own, they show a singular emotion, a trait, a story.

omart clicks with…

Shab is a bona fide street artist who is happy ! He works with multiple mediums , like canvasses, cardboard, clay, plastic and textiles.

Inscrivez-vous à son vernissage - 6 octobre 2020

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